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Agricultural labour  Is   paid   Rs. 10/~   per   day as daily

wages during the busy season of about a month in the aggregate,

The annual Income from this source to the 15 persons engaging

in this secondary occupation conies to Rs. 300/- a year. The other

persons do not get this additional Income,

Poultry keeping^ sheep rearing, dairying and agriculture

have not taken roots in the tribal economy.   The amount invested

in         lave been practically frittered away: and the tribal families

little                 sources,

Since the village has 48 households with 196 people, the

size of household oa average is 4 members. The work force being

134, the average number of earners per household is 2.8. Their

average earnings at Rs. 2,200/- per annum can be estimated as

Rs. 6,160/ . The agricultural labour families which do not

collect other forest produce, get an extra Rs. 300/- (total

Rs. 6,360); if they get income from the latter also, another

Rs. 200/~ will be added to their income from the main occupation

(Rs. 6.660), The corresponding daily income of the household

(4 members) may be estimated as Rs. 16=90; Rs. 17 = 40: and

Rs. 18 = 10 respectively. Figures of income per capita are there-

fore Rs. 4=23: Rs. 4 = 33; and Rs. 4 * 53 respectively per day.

9,   Family Expenditure:

Oral enquiry, by means of a questionnaire and_benchmark

survey of family expenditure have their limitations. The subjects

tend to exaggerate. Prices fluctuate. There are no accounts to

depend upon. Figures of expenditure are, by their very nature*

based OQ fancy and goess-work. The personality of the investi-

gator also tends to cast its shadow on the data introducing, to

some extent, the personal element,